Fatima’s Professional Cleaning Services Payment/Refund policy

Fatima’s Cleaning Services Payment/Return Policy –

All payments must be made prior to the scheduled appointment and a payment is required in order to schedule appointment.

Be sure to Read return/cancellation Policy prior to scheduling appointment.

Refund/Cancellation Policy

**Refund/Cancellation Policy changed as of January 2016**

**Please Note: If you purchased your appointment from a “Daily Deals” Site (Groupon, Living Social, Ncrowd etc.), you will have to request a cancellation and refund from their site, we will not be able to refund your payment. Please be sure to read their cancellation/Return policy to know how to refund your payment.


There is no fee/charge for cancelling.

If you do wish to cancel, you must cancel a cleaning appointment with a minimum 48 hour notice from your scheduled appointment in order for you to receive a refund.

There must be a 48 hour cancellation notice in order to get a refund.

To cancel an appointment, simply fill out the cancellation form.

Once you have requested a cancellation within the minimum 48 hour notice, your refund will be refunded back to the card that you used to schedule the appointment.

NO REFUND AFTER 30-DAYS if no refund request is made.

Please Note: Refund requests must be made within the first 30 days of purchase. If no request for refund is made and no contact from client is received at all, after proper notifications from Fatima’s Cleaning is made, there will be no refund allowed.

If our team arrives to your place on at scheduled time and date but you ask them not to clean that day or if our team is prevented from entry for any reason (such as a change of locks without notification, or if you’re on vacation without notification) without the proper notice (The 48 hour cancellation notice), the full charge for the visit will be made and no refunds will be allowed at this point.

No Refund if,

  • you do not cancel within the 48 hour cancellation notice – Improper cancellation.
  • If cleaner make to your place on scheduled day & Time and there is no entry and no contact from client – Cleaner will stay for up to an hour, if unable to contact client and no entry, cleaner will leave and client will be contacted for reschedule. This is acknowledged as an improper cancellation and no refund is allowed for this.
  • Once a payment is made you can contact us directly – we do advise that you contact us first before purchasing an appointment – if we notice no contact is made after a purchase – we always contact client less than 24 hours after there has been a purchase (using contact info provided during purchase) to complete scheduling appointment. If we contact client and we hear nothing back, we will continue to contact by both email & phone with provided phone number and email. After 30-days, if no contact from the client, no refund can be made no matter refund request. Amount is paid in full. – If this occurs, client is of course allowed to contact us via email to fatimaclean@gmail.com to see any further options of scheduling an appointment but no refund can be made after 30 days.




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