*locations outside of the 20-mile radius from 75062 (Irving, Texas), will result in a $20 additional charge.

Hourly Pricing

You can also pay by the hour – which you can purchase here.
For 1 cleaner – $40/hr
For 2 cleaners – $50/hr
For more than 2 cleaners – please let us know

Basic Pricing

The typical pricing for typical cleaning needs: (additional requests may be subject to additional charges)
  • Refrigerator or Oven cleaning – $25 each (not included in Move-in/Move-out price)
  • Basic room & closet clean – $30 per bedroom (without organizing)/ with organizing $45
  • General floor clean (this is vacuuming of floors and carpet and includes mopping of all tile flooring) – $75
  • All-over Dusting (this is dusting of blinds, fan and light fixtures for the whole property) – $60
  • Kitchen clean (not including fridge and oven cleaning) – $30
  • Bathroom Cleaning (this included bath tub and toilet cleaning) – $25 each bathroom
  • In-door Window cleaning (typically included in price) – $15 for all windows

We DO NOT clean high windows or outside windows! For Major window cleaning – we recommend contacting professional window cleaners.

  • Baseboards (for the entire property) – min $30 (the minimum is $30 for whole home baseboard cleaning, but also depends on the size of the property)
Discounts are usually given to repeat customers.

Move-In/Move-Out Cleaning

The pricing for an all-over move-in/move-out cleaning is calculated primarily based on square footage and any additional needs.

Move-in/Move-out prices are subject to change. The overall quoted price will include everything above (under Basic Pricing) except appliance cleaning, which can be included only if specified – additional charges will apply.

Please contact us for more information on a move-in/move-out cleaning


Fatima’s Cleaning accepts payment through:

Credit/Debit – If you choose to pay using credit/debit, we will send you a payment invoice to your email where you can make the payment.

Checks – Accepted in person to the cleaner. Please make the check out to Fatima’s Cleaning Services.

Cash – Accepted in person to the cleaner.

♦ Invoices are only automatically sent, when you pay with Credit/Debit immediately after you make the payment. If you would like an invoice sent to you with a check or cash payment, you must request it from the cleaner or you can submit an invoice request here. All invoices are sent online to your email and only after payment. ♦


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